DHV is a leading international consultancy and engineering group, which provides services and sustainable solutions for the following markets: Building and Manufacturing, Transportation, Airports, Spatial Planning and Environment and Water.

More than 4.000 socially committed DHV professionals develop innovative concepts in the fields of consultancy and engineering. DHV offers its recognized expertise worldwide to clients in the public and private sectors through its closely-knit knowledge network.

DHV provides multi-disciplinary services for the sustainable development of our living environment based on mutual loyalty with clients, employees, partners and shareholders. DHV's services include management consultancy, advice, design and engineering, project management, contract management and operational management.

DHV is active worldwide, maintaining a network of offices in almost thirty countries. DHV offers a broad range of services in each of its home markets which, between them, account for the greater part of the company's turnover. The home markets are: Canada, China, India, Indonesia, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, The Netherlands and the United States.

DHV’s experience includes the feasibility studies, design criteria, environmental impact analysis, contracting strategy, design, bid preparation and construction supervision/quality management oversight of the 100 km, double track, 300 km/hr Netherlands High Speed Rail South Project from Amsterdam to Belgium.

DHV is playing a key role in many rail projects throughout the world. For more details, check our website: www.dhv.com/transferandrail