UIC HIGHSPEED 2008 will be held in the Amsterdam RAI nearby the historic center of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam has a rich and perfectly preserved cultural heritage to show for its success over the years. Much of its beautiful and unique architecture was built in the 17th century when the Dutch merchants and explorers found their fame and fortune on the high seas.

Today its gabled town houses, peaceful canals, elegant bridges and cobbled streets are a world away from the stress of other major European cities. Amsterdam is a compact city with a dense network of canals and bicycle paths - and a complete lack of cars for such an important location. It's the perfect place to explore by boat or bike. Hop on a boat or rent a bike and take in the colourful sights and sounds as you enjoy its gentle, elegant ambience.

Most of Amsterdam's major attractions are located in and around the city centre and very easy to find. These include the Rijksmuseum, flower market, Ann Frank House, Van Gogh Museum and diamond factories.

A single day is all it takes to find your way around, and after that you won't believe how much there is to do. Amsterdam values the good things in life. The city is full of great restaurants, hip bars and wonderful museums.

UIC HIGHSPEED 2008 will be held in the Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Convention Center, Europaplein in Amsterdam. With their accessibility, multi-functional rooms and modern convenience, the Amsterdam RAI is the best place in Holland for UIC HIGHSPEED 2008.

You can also visit the Amsterdam RAI website: